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A Lihyanite Temple in Arabia
Was Lehi the "father" of the Lihyanites in Arabia?

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Mormon's Map Puzzle Solved?
A detailed map for the Book of Mormon has been produced by archaeologist Garth Norman which may solve a long-standing puzzle.

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A Thousand evidences for LDS church

Book of Mormon Archaeology Foundation BMAF
Education, Digest,Videos, Tours. P.O Box 708174, Sandy,Utah 84070 Dave Asay

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Diane E. Wirth
PARALLELS between pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations and the cultures of the ancient Middle East.

Discovering the trail of Lehi/Nephi. George Potter
The Valley of Lemuel,the River of Laman and Bountiful

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Answers to criticisms of LDS doctrine, belief and practice.

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In Search of Ancient Cumorah by Dave Asay and Randy Mellor

Jeff Lindsay with Book of Mormon evidences

John Pratt: Astronomical witnesses of sacred events

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Aa premier archaeology eZine offering fresh perspectives and voices on archaeology

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V. Garth Norman
Archaeologist, Archaeo-astronomer Mesoamerica, Mormon Archaeology

Zarahemla Research Foundation
Book of Mormon Research


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